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Originally Posted by wayvik View Post
You don't shoot elephants with a 243 caliber rifle. Easy on the shoulder when firing. You could, but would that be fair to the elephant?

Lets quit thinking about ourselves and think about the fish.

If your tackle will not allow a quick catch and release, then it is the wrong tackle.

Old school was to catch and kill. Didn't make any difference how long it took, it was bonkers anyway.
Your obviously not reading the posts. You wouldn't take a 458 Linebaugh to shoot a Blacktail deer either. Matching the rod to the water and fish you are after. No one suggested going under-gunned, that is a thought cooked up in your mind. Taking a 15' 10wt rod out for trout on the Yakima River, would be ridiculous.
What the discussion here is are heavier rods more fatiguing to cast, my experience says, yes they are. And they should be reserved for bigger rivers and BIGGER FISH.

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