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I also agree about matching the rod/line to the water. I used to get into trying to make a given setup work in all conditions that I fished in, such as the phase I went through fishing my 13.5' and 14' two handers (and longer lines) everywhere, even in little coastal streams and on the other end of things, also when I was trying to use glass single handers everywhere, including big winter rivers. Up until recently, I didn't even buy into the utility of switch rods until I bought one this past summer and realized that they definitely have their place and are fun to use. After going through the gamut of rods and lines that I have since 1995, I've settled on generally, using a setup best suited for the water I'm fishing. My glass single handers shine on smaller water, switches on medium sized rivers, and the longer two handers on big water. That said, I still sometimes just feel like fishing a certain setup regardless of the conditions I'm faced with and that's fine too.

In the end, every rod/line combo has it's place depending on the water/conditions being fished and the angler's preferred style and mood.


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